About us.


“We are truly passionate about helping brands and digital teams to fulfil their potential.”
Kev Milnes, Founder of Liberandum Academy
I’ve been where you are today – I have more than 20 years’ experience of running digital teams; driving billions of pounds in online sales.

Our genuine data-driven insight is the result of hundreds of ad A/B split tests from real campaigns and real customers. The Liberandum Academy was created to share these proven techniques and data analytics best practice, so we can help others achieve greater professional success.
I’m excited to share the GA4 positivity with you and your team, helping you to understand your customers like never before.

Our Clients

The Liberandum Academy helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to accelerate their digital performance, from low value and high conversion e-commerce sites to high value brands that attract online and convert offline. 

Our real-life experience across web analytics, marketing, e-commerce, product design and tech, coupled with a straightforward, data-driven approach provides simple, flexible solutions to supercharge your digital transformation. 

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