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If you’re like the majority of the marketers that I speak to, the world of Google Analytics 4 is a mishmash of upheaval, bewilderment, misunderstanding, and let’s be honest, often out-and-out avoidance. You’re not alone.

So, let’s ditch the GA4 confusion and rip that sticking plaster off in one fell swoop.

This is one, big exciting opportunity. (Yes, data analytics can be exciting). Let me show you how to gain confidence from your place of uncertainty.

Want to leap 9 steps ahead of your competition?
The Liberandum Academy is here to help.

Our free GA4 video course will demystify your data in under 45 mins.

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First things first… forget everything you know about the old GA reporting; it’s time to leave that all behind.

Getting the most out of GA4, means changing the way you think about digital data analytics.

Your business is unique, so why mirror the same old reports that everyone else is using?

Most importantly, your customers are anything but average… it’s time for a fresh perspective, my friends.


Ready for insights that will supercharge your marketing strategy?

  • Discover exactly where your customers drop off with pinpoint accuracy 
  • Backed by your data-driven actionable insights,
    you’ll implement informed changes with confidence
  • Optimise your sales funnel with segmented analytics to drive conversion
  • Build real audiences & track their unique online & offline customer engagements
  • Create a seamless customer journey straight through to your call-to-action
  • Effortlessly find new, high-value customers without even clicking your mouse
  • Boost ad spend ROI & reduce your Cost-per-Lead with highly targeted, personalised interactions that build customer trust, drive engagement & gain repeat custom 

And, believe it or not, there’s even more…

We’re here to make data analytics quicker, easier and your business, more successful. So, our free online training doesn’t just stop after 40 minutes.

As you’ll need to implement all you’ve just learnt, you’ll also receive two super useful step-by-step ‘how to’ guides, completely free of charge.

Quick to implement, easy to understand, the guides include examples and screen recordings – You’ll be a GA4 whizz in no time.

Worth £98, your free ‘Building Audiences’ & ‘Creating Customer Funnels’ resources are available for a limited time only.

Ready to get the most out of GA4 & blast away your competition?  

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What do the Liberandum Academy graduates say?

Angi, Agency Owner

“GA4 finally makes sense! I’ve always found the complexities of data analytics a bit of a struggle, but Kevin’s explanation of GA4 is quick and easy to understand.

Short enough to watch on your lunch break, this online, video course is also thoroughly entertaining; it kept me genuinely enthralled, throughout. If only all professional training was this engaging.

Mumtaz, CMO

“What a fantastic insightful course that allowed even a generalist like myself to learn some key elements of GA4 like the option to import offline data, and the automated enhanced measurement.

And it was provided via a nice friendly video format using humans - no robots!”

Our free course tells you why, not how to implement GA4.

It isn’t a deep dive training course, but it will open the door to a world of possibilities – giving you the confidence to hold insightful, informed conversations with your team or agency,
driving your digital strategy forward with greater success.

Let’s put your customers back at the heart of your data.

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We understand that the transition to GA4 has baffled many – we’re happy to provide the clarity you need, helping you forget the negatives and embrace the opportunity.

We hope you find the course, enlightening, insightful, informative, and above all exceptionally useful.
We hope it makes your working life easier and more enjoyable.  

I look forward to welcoming you,
Much love,


I’ve been where you are today – I have more than 20 years’ experience of running digital teams; driving billions of pounds in online sales.

Our genuine data-driven insight is the result of hundreds of ad A/B split tests from real campaigns and real customers. The Liberandum Academy was created to share these proven techniques and data analytics best practice, so we can help others achieve greater professional success.